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About Us

At ChooseDoctor, the team and an advisory board comprised of doctors, medical service delivery professionals, medical practice management professionals, operations management professionals and information management technology professionals.

The promotors of this venture have years of experience in the healthcare sector running hospitals and diagnostic centres.

We are a socially conscious company with a focus to deliver non emergency diagnostics, elective surgeries & procedures through private healthcare providers at substantially lower costs. 

Mission is to help patients get “quality healthcare at lower prices”

Patients or their family member connect with our patient care team when:

  • They need to discuss their medical condition and their concerns
  • Need help to think through who they need to go to i.e. which doctor speciality and hospital
  • Where they can get diagnostics, procedures and surgeries done at a lower price and with the quality standards they expect
  • Who they could go to for a 2nd opinion

At ChooseDoctor, we have carefully identified and put together a list of providers who deliver quality medical services at affordable prices. These medical service providers are committed to excellence and transparency in charges.

We choose doctors/clinics/hospitals/diagnostic centres on the basis of the qualifications, skill and experience of the doctors and technicians as well as the type of equipment they use and accreditation. We publish the best prices our partners can offer, transparently. Our goal is to bridge the information asymmetry gap in healthcare and "we walk the talk".


We provide a range of choices, delivering quality diagnostic, elective procedures, non-emergency surgeries and medical second opinions at affordable and fair prices.

Quality Healthcare at Affordable Prices in India
ChooseDoctor helps you make informed decision of which hospitals to go to and which doctors you may consider. Information is presented based on what is relevant to the patient. Now the patient can mak
Discounted Medical services - diagnostics and surgeries, Helping you Choose the right doctor and hospital.