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The promotors of this venture have more than 20 years of experience each in the healthcare sector, running hospitals and diagnostic centres. We choose doctors / clinics on the basis of the qualifications, skill and experience of the doctors and technicians as well as the type of equipment they use and accreditation. The specialists we have chosen have a bent of mind similar to ours, of providing qulity and cost effective services. Feedback that we have received from patients is also an important criterion in the selection process. 

No. There is no direct correlation between the charges and competence. Usually, doctors charge a little less when they start their practice and as they get busy they need to charge a little more. However, you could have good doctors at the start of their practice charging as much as someone who is senior and vice versa.

Unfortunately, there is no standardization in charges. Charges are also dependent on the type of room chosen in a hospital for indoor work, and if emergency services are provided. All the centres we are associated with have a standard, logical and professional way of levying charges.

The hospitals and Labs have some spare capacity on a regular basis. They share this spare capacity with us at a discounted rates which we pass onto patients.

The quality of the service will be ABSOLUTELY THE SAME as that offered to FULL PAYING PATIENTS. In fact, we would encourage our patients to bring any aberration in quality of service to our notice immediately so that we could sort it out with the service provider.

No. This service is only for those who have the time to choose a facility or doctor. Usually, for any emergency, it is best to approach the emergency department of the nearest hospital.

Today, in the day of computers and the internet, we have access to all kinds of options for all our requirements. Earlier, we would physically go to a nearby store to buy a product. Today, portals like Flipkart and Amazon reach products to our homes from different corners of the city/country at no extra cost. Similarly, the local GP usually would only be able to provide a reference locally, whereas better surgeons / diagnostic centres could be available just a little distance away, and possible at a better price.

Payment can be made using cash/credit/debit card directly at the centre where the investigation/treatment is to be done. Our registration fee is paid to us directly online.

  • Go to the services sections on the website
  • Choose the required modality of investigation/surgery, eg radiology, orthopedic surgery etc.
  • Evaluate & compare the charges
  • choose the doctor/clinic/hospital
  • Fill in the form
  • Pay our regsiteration fee online
  • You will receive the discount/registration form with provider details
  • Fix up a convenient appointment with the doctor/clinic/hospital
  • Ask the pre-procedure instructions at the time of appointment.
  • Take the printout of the duly filled form - registration form when you go for the investigation/procedure as per the appointment
  • Make the payment at the centre/clinic/hospital
  • Get the scan / procedure done.
  • Collect the report directly from the centre as per their norms.

Under the Clinical Establishment Act, doctors and clinical establishments CANNOT INSIST on diagnostic investigations being done in-house / or at a particular centre. The ACT makes such kind of coercion UNLAWFUL. The patients can choose to get investigations done from any centre of their choice. Normally, reports from any standard clinic / centre should be acceptable.

Even if you have medical insurance, there is usually a limit, either per episode or for the entire year. eg, if you had insurance for a lakh, and you had to do a PET CT which usually costs INR 20,000, you would get reimbursed for the same. However, you would only have INR 80,000 for the rest of your treatment. BUT if you used our services and get the PET CT done for INR 10,000; you would have INR 90,000 for the rest of your treatment. So this is why using these services, EVEN if you have insurance is sensible.

No. Since you are making the entire payment for the investigation / procedure directly to the centre, the entire amount could be reimbursed, in exactly the same way as if you had gone to the centre directly. However our registertion fee currently cannot be claimed from the insurance company. 

Our assistance if needed can be availed by writing to us at You may call us on +91-8286869616

Discounted Medical services - diagnostics and surgeries, Helping you Choose the right doctor and hospital.
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