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Health Problems - Risk Assessment Form

"Prevention is better that cure" and early detection of medical conditions can improve health and also save lives.

The periodic medical tests that need to be done is based on a number of factors like age, gender, BMI, lifestyle, genes, family history etc.

Before you go for your annual health checkup, it is important to decide with your doctor, the list of tests that needs to be done.

The specific medical tests that needs to be done and the frequency of the tests is best determined by your doctor.

We have created a downloadable history form to help aid the process.

You could download & fill this out on your computer to ensure privacy and share the document with your doctor.

This will help your doctor assess your health risks and suggest what the right plan and schedule should be.

Do let us know if you need help identifying a doctor that will help get this done for you.

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Risk Assessment Form

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